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"Matt - thank you so much for developing the new delta tool. I took the BUY signal at 09:30 (lost money). Then I saw it print a SELL signal at 09:30:53 and I got that. Cleared up my hole and I made $500 off that. Really like how visual this is and how it does all the maths on the swings for me.


"The Nobs Nut Cracker is AMAZING! I went to buy it twice for both computers before I realized that it included 2 machine IDs. The Nobs folks were happy enough to issue me a refund and enable my second PC. You HAVE to have a goal. How many times have you made plenty of money to give it all back later in the afternoon? This was all I needed. I think if you take a good hard look at your numbers, and you tend to make more at one time of day, by all means, AVOID the other times and get this indicator to keep you focused on your daily profit goal. This thing is the cure for greed. "


"Impresive indicators, they give you real actionable data and insights, so I couldt trade without them."


"I have just started using the Nut Cracker. This is an extremely helpful tool that eliminates the need to recalculate the remaining ticks to achieve your nut after each trade. Having to re-calculate the remaining ticks in the heat of the moment has in the past resulted in errors by me where the target price would be reached, only to realize I was still short a couple of ticks! No more! Thanks!"


"I love the NOBS indicators! Trading is hard enough so anything that takes the stress off of me manually having to add things like levels, vwap, moving avgs to my chart is a blessing. The Big Picture indicators let me quickly assess any market or multiple markets and know where price is in relation to the highest opportunity segments of the market. The patterns indicator alerts me of tweezer tops , pin bars and engulfing bars all areas I want to identify for reactions when I am trading. The new Trade Support package has had an immediate impact on my daily bottom line with the Nutcracker, an indicator designed to get me out of a trade at a specific money goal per day and protect me from myself and keep me from over-trading. Its not how much money you make during the day , its what you bank at the end of the day that counts and the Nutcracker is like gold! Indicator package support is top notch and improvements and new indicator support tools have been added if they add value or make the trading day easier. Thank you NOBS for a great set of tools! "


"I have been using the Nobs tools for over a year now. The Big Picture indicator has improved my trading 10 fold at least. Furthermore the indicator runs smoothly and doesn't use a lot of computer resources compared to other indicators I have used in the past. I am very excited with the latest Nobs Tools Nut cracker indicator, as it calculates my target with ease and I can clearly see where my target is when I enter a trade. As an added bonus, the indicator shows me how poorly I have been trading as I can see my target (NUT) further away each time I take a loss, which in turn I have to calm down and walk away for a bit. I recommend Nobs Tools indicators without any reservation. I can't wait to see what they develop next.. Graham"


"I use the Nut Cracker the most, I am in the apprentice training,in the Nobs Trading Program,the Nut Cracker does the math for you , and in a fast moving market that is crucial, all the indicators are really good but use the Nut Cracker the most. "


"The NUT concept I've learned from NOBS trades room with Matt is one of the most important things to trader mindset, the NUT cracker tool is exactly what you need to avoid greed and increase efficiency of execution, as it does auto calculate your target for the day, letting you to focus on the price action during your trading session, amazing tool, highly recommended. "


"I’ve always found it difficult to stick to my nut with a lack of discipline, impatience and greed, taking losing trades and then trying to regain those loses through revenge trading have seen me blow out a previous account. I have been using the Nut Cracker for a few weeks and in that time I have hit my nut each and every time. It has helped me to be disciplined and stop trading when the nut has been reached. Being able to set a sensible nut and visually see when I have reached my actual nut has been invaluable and means I'm now making money instead of losing it."


"The tools supplement the knowledge in the trading room. The key benefit to me is to remind me when I shouldn't be entering a trade as whilst I start the day with good intentions - I find that my default behavior is to enter the trade first, think second."