The VWAP Map is the brain child of Matt Bowen. After many years studying multiple anchored VWAPs, he noticed several repeating patterns. The most significant pattern is when price takes out the Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3 VWAPs. This is when the largest moves of the day can occur. The VWAP Maps draws on Matt's vast experience in trading VWAPs, to visually represent these patterns in an easy and fast indicator. The VWAP Map is fully configurable and is setup to work straight out of the box.


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  • Day 1 anchored VWAP
  • Day 2 anchored VWAP
  • Day 3 anchored VWAP
  • Day 5 anchored VWAP
  • Weekly anchored VWAP
  • Monthly anchored VWAP
  • Each VWAP automatically plots (no need to keep drawing)
  • Fully configurable labels (custom text and/or VWAP price)
  • Fully configurable colored band for area between Day 1 and Day 3 VWAPs
  • Fully interactive (scroll back to see VWAP values for a previous time/day)


  • Ready to use out of the box for Ninja Trader 8
  • Works with free Ninja Trader (lifetime licence not required)